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The Voice of the Black Community


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Two Sides of the Same Coin

The recent Hamilton Police Services hate crime statistics show that Black people are the most common targets of police-reported racial bias incidents in 2023.

Couple that with the police service's 2022 use of force data, which showed that 17.2 per cent of police use of force incidents were on Blacks, despite the fact that they represent only five per cent of the population. 

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Breast Cancer and Black Women

Recently the national taskforce that provides guidance for primary healthcare providers, decided not to lower the breast cancer screening age from 50 to 40, despite urging from several cancer specialists.  This decision is detrimental to Black women.

According to Dr. Juliet Daniel, Cancer Biologist and Associate Dean of Research and External Relations in the Faculty of Science at McMaster University, Black women are more likely to get breast cancer earlier than white women and they are more likely to get the type of cancer that metastasizes, travels throughout the body.

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Island Queens Reopening

Congrats to Island Queens for persevering through landlord issues and reopening with new hours and  an outside patio.  

They are now open from 11 am for lunch and have daily specials beginning at 4:00 pm.

Check out these Island Queens at 158 Kenilworth Avenue North in Hamilton.

Reading the Paper


Our stories are out there.  Black stories.  Stories of achievement and hope.  Stories of inequality and brutality.  The main stream press will be there for a photo opportunity and perhaps a quick news segment.  We will be there for you, the Black community. 

It is our mandate to delve into topics that affect us, and bring you the facts, from a Black perspective.

We are here to ask the tough questions and follow through on matters that are important to the Black community.  We are here to highlight the good, the bad and the unspoken.

In African villages it was the drum that passed messages and news from one village to another.

We are your drum.  

TV Reporter

Why do we need this

What is happening in the community and how is it impacting our health, our children's education, our ability to work or to put food on our tables?  What organizations, programs and funding are available to us?  My community has the right to know and I have the ability to bring this information to them. 

This blog is not a money making venture. It is a tool for hope, unity and change.  

We can't change the things we don't know about or change the things we don't understand.

Based in Hamilton, Ontario, we intend covering Black news and events in the regions of Hamilton, Niagara, Halton and Waterloo.

Alison Bailey

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